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Remember to do all your daily shopping at and Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase price to Classic Soul Radio. Your patronage and 100% of all Net donations made to our not-for-profit organization is reinvested back into our organization. Donations like yours will help defray the cost of bringing you the excellent programming you have come to love and expect, as well… Continue reading

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Uncle Sam is prioritizing the fight against homelessness like he never has before.

Federal funding for programs addressing homelessness is at its highest level ever, according to a report by the National Alliance to End Homelessness provided to The Huffington Post.

Through several initiatives by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Department of Health and Human Services

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Edits ranged from sensitive entries on cases of police brutality.

Edits ranged from sensitive entries on cases of police brutality.

Computers operating on the New York Police Department’s computer network located at its 1 Police Plaza headquarters in lower Manhattan have edited and have attempted to delete Wikipedia entries for several well-known victims of police brutality, including the deaths of Eric

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Three African American women are taking legal action against the NYPD for falsely accusing them of stealing a credit card and placing them in jail.

In an interview with the NY Daily News, Kimmell McIntosh and her cousins Melanie and Maxine Henry were enjoying a girls day at a Massage Envy in Brooklyn when they were falsely accused of using a stolen credit card… Continue reading

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