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Cars crushed by the boardwalk at Beach 94th Street. Credit Office of the Queens Borough President.
The devastation in Breezy Point was total. Credit Office of the Queens Borough President.
Devastation to Harbor Light Pub. Credit Office of the Queens Borough President.
The Broad Channel volunteer fire truck was destroyed by the fire. Credit Office of the Queens Borough President.
Residents evacuate their pets with the help of emergency services workers. Credit Office of the Queens Borough President.
A comparison shot of the Rockaway Boardwalk from June and post-Sandy. Credit Office of the Queens Borough President.
Ruin: Whole walls and roofs of homes in Sea Gate, Brooklyn, were destroyed by the storm
The foundations of the historic Rockaways boardwalk are all that remain after it was washed away during the superstorm
The Rockaway neighborhood of Brooklyn, where the historic boardwalk was washed away, has faced terrible destruction, with buildings collapsing and cars damaged
People line up for fuel in the corner of Hylan Boulevard and Reid Avenue in Staten Island
Merciless: A beachfront house in Coney Island's Sea Gate community is reduced to rubble in the wake of the superstorm
Long recovery: The superstorm left great floods in its wake in Dumbo, Brooklyn and the recovery from this state on Tuesday will take some time
Property damage after the storm
Hope: As one Sea Gate resident's possessions are left strewn across the beach in the wake of the superstorm, they send a message about life's priorities in the face of misfortune
A helping hand: Residents start to piece things together again following the superstorm's trail of destruction
Disorder: A car that washed up on a bench during the superstorm in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn
Devastation: Walls were ripped off and buildings collapsed as Sandy ravaged buildings in Sea Gate, Brooklyn
Destruction: Homes in the Sea Gate part of Brooklyn have been ripped apart by the superstorm
Clean up efforts after the storm
Chaos: Water reaches the street level of the flooded Brooklyn Battery Tunnel in the wake of Sandy
Aftermath: Trees damaged several cars as Sandy made its way through Brooklyn leaving residents to pick up the pieces
Power cut: From Brooklyn you could see Manhattan plunged into darkness during the superstorm - while one half of the city's iconic skyline is almost completely dark, lights are still visible on the left hand side of the picture
Flooded houses in a storm-ravaged area of Barnegat Bay, New Jersey, on Friday.