Values Statement

The following list of Classic Soul Radio values was developed from staff comments. This list is intended to define the desired internal “culture” of the organization, setting a standard to follow and to evaluate behavior.

While Classic Soul Radio management is committed to these values, it is also the role and responsibility of all Classic Soul Radio staff and volunteers to do their part as well. It is not reasonable to expect that everyone will follow each of these values in every possible interaction. Instead, the goal is to achieve this standard as much as possible, and to provide (and be open to) constructive suggestions if you observe patterns of behavior that conflict with these values.

  • Culture of trust, cooperation, and respect for all staff, and for the contributions each provides to the organization
  • Collaborative environment that supports innovation, problem-solving and reasonable risk-taking
  • Transparent decision-making process that is also nimble and efficient
  • Clear and timely communication from management on key issues such as Classic Soul Radio’s direction, goals, budgets, and challenges
  • Recognition for accomplishments and fair compensation that is competitive with appropriate benchmark organizations, both local and national
  • A focused yet enjoyable workplace where work is appropriately blended with fun
  • A reciprocal relationship that is professional, respectful, and supportive of Classic Soul Radio, recognizing Classic Soul Radio’s governance responsibilities while being sensitive to Classic Soul Radio’s unique needs and role in the community
  • A place where Classic Soul Radio’s relationship with the community is the top priority with a key component being high-impact and strategic partnerships
  • An ethical culture that is reflected both within the station and through its service to the public


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