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Classic Soul Radio is a community radio station – that means it’s YOUR radio station too! Unlike commercial radio, we do not have rich corporate backers to help keep us alive. What we do have is YOU, our listeners!

The work of Classic Soul Radio relies largely on the generosity of individuals like YOU! You provide the bulk of the funding that keeps Classic Soul Radio on the air! Listener contributions are our largest source of funding. Without the support of listeners like YOU, we would not be able to bring you the excellent programming you have come to love and enjoy! Listen. Running a commercial-free radio station costs money. There are a number of ways YOU can help. Donate online and you save time and money and more of your contribution goes towards programming! It is the most cost effective way to support Classic Soul Radio! Please consider giving a donation today and help sustain Classic Soul Radio well into the future.

Since Classic Soul Radio is a 501(c)3, not-for-profit organization, your contributions to Classic Soul Radio are tax-deductible permissible by the IRS for computing income and estate taxes.

Individuals who donate to Classic Soul Radio may choose to be listed on our Individual Donors/Supporters page and will receive on-air acknowledgement for their financial support during regular broadcast. Corporate Sponsors will also receive on-air acknowledgement for their financial support and visibility on our online Corporate Sponsorship page.

We thank you for your support, consideration, and generosity!


Donate by Credit Card ccards

It’s easy, quick and safe to support the programming of Classic Soul Radio through our web site. Click here to use our secure online form to make a donation with your Credit Card. Our secure credit card server is powered by Guidestar and setup by Network for Good. All personal and credit card information is protected and kept strictly confidential. Click here to view our Privacy Policy.

Donate Through The PayPal Giving Fund

It’s easy, quick and safe to support the work of Classic Soul Radio through the PayPal Giving Fund. You can choose to make a donation to Classic Soul Radio in any amount you wish. Simply click on the above link or the “Donate” button. You will be directed to a donation page where you can donate to our causes in any amount you wish. No amount is too small and all donations are greatly appreciated! Thank You!


Donate by Mail

Thank you for your interest in supporting the work of Classic Soul Radio. We take seriously our responsibility to contributors, to those counting on our help to be wise stewards of funds entrusted to us. Please know that each gift made helps defray the cost of running our programming, upgrade station equipment, our infrastructure, and helps maintain our web site and server. Every donation counts nothing is too small, and nothing goes unappreciated.

Click here to download, print and complete our Donate By Mail Form. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this document, if you do not already have it. Be sure to enclose your check and please; never, send cash or currency through the mail.


Matching Gifts

Ever wish you could increase your donations? You can — through your company’s matching gift program. As a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Classic Soul Radio is eligible for many employers’ corporate matching gifts programs. Thousands of companies, small and large, have Matching Gift programs which double or even triple individual, tax-deductible contributions made by their employees. Your employer may be one of them!

The process is simple: Simply ask if your company’s HR department has a Matching Gift program. If so, obtain a matching gift form from your personnel office or matching gift coordinator, fill it out completely and mail it along with your contribution to:

Classic Soul Radio, Inc. Attn: Matching Gift Program P.O. Box 650-086 Fresh Meadows, NY 11365

We will notify you when your company matches your gift. It’s as easy as that! Your gift and your company’s matching contribution will help sustain Classic Soul Radio and help us continue to bring you excellent programming!


Shop and Support Classic Soul Radio

When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase price to Classic Soul Radio. AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices, same service. The more you shop through AmazonSmile, the more you help Classic Soul Radio raise funds for its operations. Bookmark this link and support Classic Soul Radio each time you shop online.

Shop through the iTunes Store You can also help support Classic Soul Radio by shopping through the iTunes store. Each time you shop through the iTunes store, Classic Soul Radio earns a commission on all your qualifying purchases. Search the iTunes store for your favorite music, apps, books, movies, TV shows and more! The more you shop through this iTunes link, the more you help sustain Classic Soul Radio.

Thank you for your support! 


Foundation Support

Classic Soul Radio relies on the generous support of foundations to support its operations and programs.

Whether you are interested in making a challenge grant, funding a portion of a Classic Soul Radio programming or want to support the general operating expenses of our station, Classic Soul Radio’s Development Department stands ready to discuss the many opportunities available. Please contact Matthew Okebiyi, for more information at

Supporters will receive two 15 second announcements that are broadcast during the program.

Foundations may also opt to have an alternative to a 15-second announcement. 


Corporate Support

Classic Soul Radio’s web site is one of urban America’s most visited non-profit radio web sites, reaching over 100,000 views weekly. Corporate supporters reach this highly educated, affluent, well-traveled and culturally discriminating audience while supporting the station’s excellent programming.

Learn more about Corporate Underwriting line650

Corporate Donors

Classic Soul Radio’s web site is one of urban America’s most visited non-profit radio web sites, reaching over 100,000 views weekly. You will find a list of companies that are doing their part in keeping our organization alive and our community vibrant. Please take a few minutes to visit their web sites and patronize them. Without their support, we would not be able to provide excellent programming to our listeners.

Learn more about our Corporate Donors  line650

Our Wish List

If there ever was the proverbial genie in the bottle, here are some of the modest things we would wish for. Who knows… You may just have some of these items laying around in your attic and don’t know what to do with them. Donate them to Classic Soul Radio. If they are in good condition, they could be a tax write-off. Hey, you never know.

Click here to see Our Wish List. 


Individual Donors

Each month, there are considerable costs associated with running a non-profit radio station. Some of our expenses include: Licensing and Royalties, Website Bandwidth, Web Hosting, Streaming services, Maintenance, Power, Software fees, and much more. If you have become a fan of this station, please consider becoming a supporter. Without your generosity, we would not be around to bring you many of our excellent programming. Every donation counts – nothing is too small, and nothing goes unappreciated.

Learn more about becoming an Individual Donor. line650

Other Ways to Get Involved

Have you ever wanted to get involved in charitable work, but were not quite sure how to go about doing it? Have you ever thought of volunteering some of your time to help nurture a child, or help him/her with their home work? Maybe you don’t have the time, but you would like to help in some way. Check out some of the suggestions we have listed in this section.

Click here to see a list of Other Ways To Get Involved with Classic Soul Radio.  


Tax Benefits

There are tax benefits afforded to individuals and corporations who make sizeable donations to nonprofit organizations such as ours. Classic Soul Radio is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 100% of all Net proceeds are reinvested back into the communities we serve to further our mission. You will receive a receipt for the donation you make to our organization.

Please check with your tax advisor or accountant, as Classic Soul Radio is not in a position to provide tax advice.line650

Support Classic Soul Radio

Donations from listeners like you provide the largest source of funding.


Classic Soul Radio, Inc.

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