Other Ways To Get involved

Make a Donation: Designate your contribution to a particular programming, show, or help defray the cost of running this station.

Start a Fund: in honor, or in memory of a loved one.

Donate Goods: (New clothes and shoes, furniture, books, computers, office equipment) to our clients or to our offices. No gift goes unappreciated!

Donate Your Tax-Refund: Soon you’ll receive your tax rebate in the mail. Consider donating your rebate to Classic Soul Radio to help further our mission or donate it to our sister organization – African American Planning Commission. You’d be amazed at how far your gift will go to help those affected by domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, extreme poverty, and homelessness.

  • $600 buys food for two weeks and clothing for a family of four.
  • $300 buys five days of meals and motel stays for one displaced homeless family.
  • $250 provides emergency shelter and food for 50 homeless families for one day.
  • $100 buys replacement prescription medication, like insulin, blood pressure or seizure medication for 3 homeless families who have lost everything.
  • $50 buys 10 new blankets in an emergency.
Matching Gift Program: Check with the personnel department of your company to see if your company will match your contribution to the AAPCI. Many employers will do this. All you need do is ask. Learn more about Matching Gifts here. Donate Your Time: Host a holiday party for families and children.
  • Adopt the Classic Soul Radio family and help provide basic necessities such as clothing and household items, school supplies, and holiday gifts.
  • Sponsor summer camp or field trips for Classic Soul Radio’s youth.
  • Share your favorite hobby or skill with a group of Classic Soul Radio’s youth.
  • Introduce Classic Soul Radio’s programming to Foundations and Corporate Executives.
Your tax-deductible gift – in whatever amount you choose – will help provide emergency and other essential services. Click here and make a tax-deductible online contribution today. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s secure!

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Donations from listeners like you provide the largest source of funding.


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