Corporate Underwriting

An Alternative To a 15-Second Announcement

If you are interested in supporting the work of Classic Soul Radio while publicizing your business in the process, we would be happy to discuss ways to mutually benefit our organizations.

Classic Soul Radio is one of America’s most listened-to commercial-free, Internet-based radio station, reaching over 100,000 listeners weekly. Corporate supporters can reach this highly educated, affluent, well-traveled, culturally diverse and discerning audience while supporting the station’s public broadcasting. Our corporate sponsors are members of the Metropolitan area business community who recognize and celebrate the unique nature of Classic Soul’s programming and audience: intelligent, active and passionate about Internet radio!

Identify your business, products and/or services as supporters of community radio programs on Classic Soul Radio. Underwriting puts your enterprise in touch with our educated, dynamic audience.

Classic Soul Radio Audience Demographics

Classic Soul Radio is the radio destination of choice for discriminating public broadcasting audience. While Classic Soul Radio’s target communities are the New York City’s metropolitan regions of Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, and Queens; Classic Soul Radio’s platform is the World Wide Web and other technologies. Classic Soul Radio’s adult audience is 18+ and is 61% women and 39% men.

Classic Soul Radio offers  a unique blend of 24-hour programming from local and global news, to music, talk, information and cultural shows.

Classic Soul Radio reaches consumers who are educated and contribute billions of dollars into the New York market.

Image Enhancement

Underwriting acknowledgments are concise and gimmick-free, linking your business with a high-quality image of commercial-free radio in the community interest.

Tax Benefits

Classic Soul Radio is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Underwriting is a tax-deductible, charitable contribution to the fullest extent permissible by U.S. laws.

Cost Effective Identification

Put your business in the spotlight with a strong, well-defined market segment of alternative radio listeners, at rates far below those of other promotions.

Reach An Audience That Matters

You can position your acknowledgments near a specific program or talk show.

Support Programming You Enjoy

Identify your business with a particular style of music or personality found only on Classic Soul Radio.

Discount Opportunities

Any underwriting schedule over the minimum contract that is paid in advance receives a 10% discount. Yearly contracts paid in advance are subject to even greater savings.

Contact Classic Soul Radio Underwriting – The Underwriting Difference

  1. As a private not-for-profit radio station Classic Soul Radio does not accept commercial ads — we rely on “underwriting” a term used to distinguish announcements that recognize a company’s support of specific not-for-profit radio programming.
  2. Traditional radio stations air 10-17 minute of highly produced “commercial blocks” that string numerous spots back to back. At Classic Soul Radio, there is no commercial overload. Our spots are read live by one of our on air personalities at a rate of three to four spots per hour.
If your company or organization would like to reach our educated, affluent, diverse, globally hip audience of public radio listeners and web visitors with a focused message of who you are, what you do, and how people can contact you, ask us about our underwriting program. For a media kit or for more information about marketing your business, service or product on Classic Soul Radio, please contact Corporate Underwriting & Sponsorships at line650  

Support Classic Soul Radio

Donations from listeners like you provide the largest source of funding.


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